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J C Enterprises
Information System Technologies

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About Us

J C Enterprises is an Information Systems Technology Company dedicated to providing quality services to our clients locally as well as nationwide.  We realize that no one rate will address the needs of any one company or individual and therefore our pricing is specifically designed to meet the varying needs of the client.  Our staff provides a wide range of services and guarantee quality and client satisfaction.

Commercial & Personal Services

   Information Systems Technology Consultations
     *Needs Assessment
     *Setup & Installations
     *Networking systems
     *Software upgrades
     *System Maintenance Programs

   Computer Diagnostics & Repair
     *File Restoration
     *Technical Diagnostics
     *Complete Desktop & Laptop Repair
     *Debugging & Virus Removal
     *Service & Maintenance
     *Technical Support in Home, Office or via Phone & Online

   Website & Graphic Design
     *Design & Manage Websites
     *Commercial & Private Graphic Design

   Software Discount Sales & Installation

   Other Services Include:
     *Special Occasion Announcements
     *Ink Cartridge Refills
      And More

Specials & Discounts

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*Free Estimates on all services

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J C Enterprises offers custom designed advertising rates to meet the varying needs of our clients.

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